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Seabie Pye

May 23, 2010: Seabie Pye plays his guitar while singing:
"I'm working on a road ( that leads to glory )".

4 Generations

May 23, 2010: Four generation family attended YCC this day. Left to right:
Rosalie, Diane, David, and Krystle

Rochard & Donna Sing

May 30, 2010, Richard and Donna Hellmig sing: "Who will follow in my steps"

Missionary Andy Grosh

The Grosh Family.

Missionary Andy Grosh

June 6, 2010, Missionary Andy Grosh visits YCC.

Missionary Andy Grosh

Andy Grosh gives account of his missionary service in Papua, New Guinea.

Missionary Andy Grosh

June 6, 2010 YCC service in the Fellowship Hall

Zen Jacobs Birthday

Zen Jacobs along with family, attend church on her 85th birthday.

Zen Jacobs Birthday

Birthday cake for Zen's birthday.

Zen Jacobs Birthday

She huffed and puffed and blew out the candles... Happy Birthday Zen!!!

Deb Overla & Family

June 13, 2010 - Deb Overla accompanied by her daughter Stephanie, and granddaughter Cassandra. Singing "It is no secret" ( What God can do ).

Photo Pages by the number
  • Our Congregation

    You will not find a friendlier or more caring church family than the folks at YCC. We will greet you with a warm smile and make you feel right at home.
  • Our Pastor

    Pastor Dennis Hamill and his wife, Tracy, have been with us since February of 2007. Pastor Dennis preaches and teaches in a way that helps us relate the Scriptures to everyday life. We know you will enjoy meeting him and his wife.
  • Our Worship

    We seek to honor our Lord Jesus Christ by making Him the focus of every service. We praise Him with songs that are pleasing to Him, and the central part of every service is the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.

Schedule of Services

 9:30 AM, Sunday School

11:00 AM, Worship Service
 6:00 PM, Bible Study

 5:15 PM, Bible Class

 4:30 PM, Choir Rehearsal

 6:00 PM, Prayer Meeting

10:00 AM, Women of the Word
(Ladies Bible Study)

Church Objective

Reaching the community and beyond  for Christ by:
• exalting the Savior,
• enlisting the servant,
• equipping the saved and,
• edifying the saints through the power    of God’s Word.

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